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With thousands of satisfied clients, Just Termites is the ideal team to hire for your termite control and inspection needs in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

It’s You Who We Protect.

The damages brought on about by termites can easily chip away your money, money you could have spent on other things. Your house, regardless of its construction type, can easily be vulnerable to a termite attack. Moreover, insurance plans usually do not cover any of the damages brought on by these little pests. Thus, we are committed in protecting not only your house, but you and your finances. Say goodbye to unexpected costs due to repairs and say hello to a termite-free home.

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You Who We Protect

Termite Species

Subterranean Termite
Drywood Termites

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Termite Damage Timber Beam
Termite Damage Timber Kitchen Beam
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Our 3 Step Process (I.T.M.)

Step 1 – Termite Inspection

Our Termites Inspection specialists are armed with the latest in moisture meter, sounding equipment, bore-scope, microwave and infra-red camera technology. They are trained to the highest levels in locating white ants or termites and implementing controls. If termites exist, we will find them.

Inspection Process of Just Termites

Step 2 – Termite Treatment

Once we find termites living in your house, we will offer the best solution for your situation. Don’t worry, there is no one size fits all approach for termite control. We are so serious about this that we only use the best tools.

Termite Treatment Tools

Step 3 – Monitor

After exterminating the termites, we will introduce a complete and systematic termite control program. This is to ensure further damage is halted and the nests and activity are fully eradicated.

Termite Management Plan
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Why Choose Us?

Just Termites is a division of Pestaway pest control. We have over 20 years treating homes across Melbourne in termite control and pest control. You are in safe and effective hands and the rewards of using our services are:

1. We guarantee that all of our inspections meet 100% of the required Australian Standards.

2. All of our treatments meet Australian Health Department regulatory standards.

3. We use the latest detection technologies to ensure we find every last white ant.

4. All of our White Ant Termite Inspection Specialists are fully accredited in both termites and general pest control.

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association Termite Control Accreditation

We Are Committed To Using Products That Are:

Just Termites Product Features

Read What Our Satisfied Clients Have To Say

With thousands of treated and protected home, we can indeed say that we love our clients and they love us. Read the testimonials below.

“They delivered their promise for a same day service.”

We had a block of apartments that had signs of termite damage. The technician delivered on his promise to do a same day service. The termite controller was polite and efficient. He gave us his final report. We would be happy to employ there services again if need be.


Would recommend Just Termites to anyone. Our holiday home was in need of a pest and termite inspection. They were there on time and left handing us a written report. Excellent service.

Danny D

We called Just Termites to treat our mother-in-laws home in Melbourne. The termite controller arrived that afternoon and completed the job. We satisfied with the service.

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