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Just Termites is a division of Pestaway pest control. We have over 20 years treating homes across Melbourne in termite control and pest control.
Our Termites Inspection specialists are armed with the latest in moisture meter, sounding equipment, bore-scope, microwave and infra-red camera technology. They are trained to the highest levels in locating white ants or termites and implementing controls.
If termites exist we will find them. Then introduce a complete and systematic pest control program. This is to ensure further damage is halted and the nests and activity are eradicated.
Just Termites natural termite control treatment
We service all of Melbourne greater Victoria. These regions include Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Whittlesea and other areas for both termite and pest control. Just Termites is committed to using products that are:

  • Natural, effective and Safe.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Easy to use and monitor.
  • Ideal for customers who do not want chemical exposure to themselves, their families or the environment.

Call us if you require immediate Melbourne Termite Control assistance or advice.

You are in safe and effective hands and the rewards of using our services are.

  • We guarantee that all of our inspections meet 100% of the required Australian Standards.
  • All of our treatments meet Australian Health Department and Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS) regulatory standards.
  • We use the latest detection technologies to ensure we find every last white ant.
  • All of our White Ant  Termite Inspection Specialists are fully accredited in both termites and general pest control.

Are you are building a new home? Do you live in your home? Are you buying a new home? If you answer YES to any of these questions Just Termites can assist you.

  • Pre Construction Termite Treatment. We have a variety of termite treatment barriers that can be used prior to laying foundations.
  • Post Construction Termite Treatment. To prevent or control termites or white ants Just Termites have environmentally friendly solutions. We treat and maintain a proven plan of termite protection.
  • Pre Purchase Inspections. To safeguard your potential investment we will provide a thorough timber pest inspection. This will be performed on all buildings on your property. You will be given a detailed of the work done and provided a report if evidence of termites exist.
Termite Inspection Fee Waived
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